The ultimate cloud service for the Libelium IoT ecosystem

Any Meshlium device brings its own SolvView connector preinstalled.

Data consolidation from any LabView development!

SolvView´s VI will grant inmediate access to your data from the cloud.

Start visualizing data in the cloud right away!

Real Time Web App

SolvView is a real-time monitoring Cloud platform developed by Solvver that allows users to benefit from the power of the Cloud with little risk and cost.

SolvView can aggregate, visualize and analyze real-time or historical data securely, easily, and in any device, and is capable of processing a huge number of parallel data streams or single-channels with very high data rates and executing complex algorithms natively in its in-house built mathematical engine.


Mobile applications.

Out of the box. No extra cost.

Visualize your data on the go with our simple to use mobile applications for iOS and android. Download them for free and start benefiting from the power of the cloud.

Tailored to fit all your needs

Have a simple website and would like to use the real time data visualization? Embedding our real time graphs in your site is as easy as ABC.

Need more control over how you visualize your data? You will use the same powerful APIs we internally use. We use standard protocols such as HTTPS, WSS and JSON.


Free trial

Want to try our product for free? Contact us for a 5 day trial.

Subscription plan

Want a customized monthly Subscription Plan? Get in touch with us and we'll make a especial quote tailored to your needs.

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